TROG – Underground Comix From An Unapologetic Artist

TROG and his Art

TROG is an exceptionally badass underground comix artist based out of Melbourne, Australia. He works with “ink and markers / weed and lines…..” and makes no apologies for his lifestyle and muse, however illegal they may be. Today, LighterMate would like to feature TROG’s work and share some of his words with the Mate community:

Did you go to art school or are you self taught?
I’ve been drawing my whole life but officially started doing “Underground Comix” in ’91 or ’93 I think. I studied graphic design and multimedia in the mid to late 90′s. But as far as comix go -- 100% self taught.


How did you discover the underground comix scene?
Mainly through the art of Ben Brown. That led me onto ZAP and then Griffin, Mouse, Crumb, etc. I remember the first time I saw a ZAP COMIX, I was staying out back of Margaret River at Jimbo’s house surfing and he brought this box out and was like -- you’ll be into this stuff…

Who have you done artwork for?
Kush Expo, Kush Cup, Seattle Hempfest, Kottonmouth Kings, Hempcon, Slightly Stoopid, Hed PE, Kyuss Lives, Mr Keif Box, Goat Glassware… and the list goes on…

You seem to have a great deal of support from the stoner community. Where does that comes from?
Because I myself am a stoner and I get it. All my drawings are based for stoners and I never changed my style. I was told time and time again that if you want to make it, draw different stuff. Never listened, just got stoned and kept drawing my stuff….

Are the marijuana laws strictly enforced in Australia?
F#ck yer. That sh*t is banned everywhere… but you can get it everywhere.

Do you ever worry that being a vocal supporter of marijuana could get you into trouble?
NO. I’m an artist. If everyone sits back and is scared to stand up for what they believe in, then we aren’t individuals anymore.

Do you consider yourself a marijuana activist? 
I’m not an activist. I do fully agree with them and what they are doing is fantastic;  however, I’m just an artist who gets high. I don’t care if its legal or illegal; I plan to keep on smoking regardless.

Finally, we’ll leave you with this permanent display of TROG’s work. If this isn’t dedication to his art, we don’t know what is:

Back Tat by TROG

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  1. Robert Pyles

    Love your shit man glad I meet you on social media and thanks for all the stickers when I get on my feet a little I will donate some money :)

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