SXSW: Find the Fire Eater

Find the Fire Eater

Alright mates, SXSW is upon us once again and this year, we’re gearing up to give away all sorts of LighterMate swag. Today, we’re revealing the first of many SXSW viral promotions: Find the Fire Eater.

Austin’s own Ballyhoo Betty will be hopping around concerts, parties, food trailers and street corners, eating fire and performing other classic sideshow stunts. Along the way, she’ll be posting her location on Twitter and FourSquare. Track her down and drop the secret phrase,

“Excuse me ma’am. Have you seen the light?”

Miss Ballyhoo Betty will politely reply by handing you your very own LighterMate. Follow her social media accounts and check back on our Facebook wall regularly for updates.

Now, get ready for a week of fun, Austin!


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  1. Jerry Coffee

    Drop dead sexxy

  2. Thank you kindly, Jerry. It was quite the fun social experiment! Can’t wait to do it again…

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