Shea Freelove’s International Love of Fire

Shea Freelove

Shea Freelove wears many hats in the circus industry, literally. Top hats, juggling hats, jester hats… You name it, this man’s likely worn it. (You should see his artillery closet!)

Shea has acquired such a collection on account of the never-ending list of projects and collaborations he’s involved with. He is a circus performer and producer, as well as the curator for both the traveling Circus Emporium Roadshow and the stationary Circus Emporium in Arcata, CA. His clown routine incorporates classic sideshow stunts, such as the human blockhead and glass walking, as well as juggling, balancing feats and more.

This performer does not confine his practice to the United States, either. He’s worked with Clowns Without Borders and is known as the Intercontinental Super Clown after taking his act through the Philippines, Thailand, Guatemala, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Kenya, France, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Germany.

On one such international journey, Shea met up with  Gora Fire Gear, a production company specializing in elaborate fire props in Hungary. Their custom-designed products include fire juggling swords, fire umbrellas and fire jump rope. Here are a few of their gems in action:

Linda of Gora Fire Gear

As if he didn’t have enough on his plate, Shea is an official retailer for Gora Fire Gear. To view their extensive collection of work, click here.

You can catch up with the Intercontinental Super Clown in Scotland this summer for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August. He will also be performing this weekend at the Kinetic Grand Championship in Arcata, CA, where he claims he will be be running, “around with a bunch of freaks trying to gross people out.” Last year, the prankster prematurely started the race by five minutes with a giant sound system that he’d carried to the top of a downtown building, where he sounded a recording of the familiar siren. We can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for this year, Shea Freelove!

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