LighterMate Heads to the Circus with Hermee The Clown

Hermee and LighterMate

Hermee The Clown is an “alternative balloon twister” creating a wide variety of cute, fun, vulgar, obscene, wild and obnoxious sculptures. You can often find him on stage with the Cut Throat Freak Show or the Circus Emporium Roadshow, providing comic relief among a slew of intense sideshow stunts. Hermee also recently performed in Arcata, California for the Humboldt Arts Festival, where LighterMate was able to catch up with the traveling clown for an interview:

Q. What’s currently your favorite balloon sculpture?

A. My favorite balloon sculpture is the monkey holding a heart and when the audience member kisses him, a large “boner” pops out.

Q. Where’s your favorite place on Earth to busk?

A. Oooh, probably a tie between Bangkok, Thailand and Portland, OR.

Q. Although you don’t normally work with fire in your act, do you have a favorite fire performance?

A. Watching Ballyhoo Betty perform her routine in Austin,TX.

Q. What’s the funniest, weirdest thing you’ve ever set on fire?

A. My toast.

Thanks to Hermee for taking the time to answer a few of our questions, and look for him on the road, Mates! If you see him, ask for that monkey. It really is impressive.

Hermee's Balloon Bag

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