Full Moon Party

When LighterMate was given the opportunity to sponsor a Full Moon house party, we hopped on it with the fire of a thousand suns. Details were fuzzy, but we knew there would be live music, dancing, and copious amounts of war paint.

Upon arrival we were struck in awe by the house’s character, only to find out it was constructed in 1867. This rickety ol’ spot is nestled in a forested part of East Austin, allowing the bands to play on the deck to the masses.

The local lineup was as follows: Lord Buffalo Shakey Graves, and Salesman, all of which killed it throughout the night.

Aside from the music, there were many attractions throughout the party. One of the most notable being a teepee constructed purely out of bamboo.

And while some were pow-wowing in the tee-pee, others were being anointed with warpaint. By the time the bonfire was sparked and the music started playing, everyone was ready to get down. Gracious harmonies and laughter filled the air, as the full moon shined down upon us all.

Towards the end of the night, the skies opened and the light of the full moon spilled down upon the audience. Salesman took the stage with the drummer, Guns, playing on the ground level.

At this point the war paint began to seep into brains, like Mercury into the Mad Hatter. The Full Buck Moon was good to us, and we were good to Her.

Huge thanks to the guys at The Farm for hosting us; to Lord Buffalo, Shakey Graves, and Salesman for some of the best live music Austin has to offer; and to Pete Longworth for capturing the experience.

We came, we saw, we howled to the moon.

Overall, it was a night that we will not forget/remember.


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  1. Brandolon

    Nice post guys. And, have to say, pretty sweet party. Shame the cops showed up. Silly neighbors and noise complaints…

    • x

      good party fo sho. good pics too.

  2. Sounds about right. [AWESOME photos btw.]

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