Find Your Fire – Olympic 2012 Recap

No other time of the year does the world comes together like they do at the Olympics. 10,500 athletes came to London from every part of the globe, attempting to prove they are the best. These games go much deeper than national pride; they are about the progression of one human race. And for the first time, every country had female as well as male athletes. What tickles our heart fancy though, is the blazing Olympic flameUnlike previous Olympics, the London 2012 cauldron was not one flame, but 204 representing all of the participating countries. This isn’t any ordinary fire either; Prometheus stole it from Zeus and gave it to the humans. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. All participants gather around this symbol, and display the same intensity as they fight for the gold. When we say fight we mean fight. Bones, hearts, and dreams are broken as athletes push their bodies to the absolute limit.


Usain Bolt becomes recognized as the fastest man alive, Kayla Harrison overcomes a brutal past to win America’s first gold in Judo, and Oscar “The Blade Runner” Pistorious competes without legs, all accomplished with an abundance of passion. If you take anything from the Olympics, let it be to develop a fiery passion for whatever you do. You don’t have to throw a javelin 300 feet, just go after what you want harder than ever before. Passion is what makes this world work, and without it we have nothing. Get out there and show the world what you’re made of.

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