Burning Man 2012

Lighter Mate @ Burning Man

A few weeks ago, several thousand people descended on Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to build, attend and enjoy one of the world’s largest “no trace left behind” events. Burning Man has become the party of the year for fire-enthusiasts of all kinds, featuring large-scale fire sculptures, flaming art cars and fire performers, to name a few.

This year’s event officially ended on September 3. As attendees from around the globe packed up their RV’s, tents and costume trunks after an action-packed camping excursion, many remained unaware that several hundred workers stayed behind to clean up after the party. The Department of Public Works, affectionately known as the DPW, consists of the individuals that slave away under the summer sun building the city that became Burning Man 2012, only to tear it all down again. Additionally, the Restoration Team is comprised of the DPW members charged with the task of restoring the playa to its original glory; that means picking up every cigarette butt, wood chip and speck of glitter left on the desert grounds. Without these workers, Burning Man could not happen.

Lighter Mate @ Burning ManIn the spirit of Burning Man’s Gift Economy, LighterMate wanted to show some love to the people that make this event possible. We sent dozens of LighterMates to give away  to DPW members, and word has it that these magnetic, water-proof fire starters are proving quite useful in the harsh desert conditions.

Here’s to the the DPW; we’re proud our LighterMates could fuel your burn.

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